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1. Denver Broncos cheap nhl jerseys china (Last week No. 2; 6-1): Good news — they can handle the best the NFC has to offer. Bad news — they may not be cheap nhl jerseys from china able to handle the Patriots. 2. Arizona Cardinals (No. 3; 6-1): How good would this team be if it had Dansby, Dockett, and Darryl cheap nhl jerseys free shipping Washington? 3. Dallas Cowboys (No. 1; 6-2): Tony Romo says he's fine. Which means that the announcement of season-ending surgery should be coming any minute now. 4. Philadelphia cheap nhl jerseys wholesale Eagles (No. 4; 5-2): Last year, Nick Foles carried the Eagles. This year, he could be holding them back. 5. New England Patriots (No. 9; 6-2): To get a full measure of revenge against the Bears for Super Bowl XX, the Pats should have let Vince Wilfork score a touchdown. 6. Detroit Lions (No. 10; 6-2): In a year with plenty of viable candidates for coach of the year, Jim Caldwell deserves serious consideration. 7. San Diego Chargers (No. 5; 5-3): Philip Rivers is an MVP candidate, but the Chargers may not have enough other VPs to get them where they want to be. 8. Green Bay Packers (No. 6; 5-3): Aaron Rodgers will spend the next two weeks telling his hamstring to R-E-L-A-X. 9. Indianapolis Colts (No. 7; 5-3): As they prepare for the latest installment of the Greatest Game Ever Played, maybe the surviving members of the '58 Colts would do a better job of playing defense. 10. Baltimore Ravens (No. 8; 5-3): Another game against the Bengals, another late lapse in pass defense. 11. Seattle Seahawks (No. 11; 4-3): We'd believe that all was well in Seattle if players and coaches didn't spend so much time trying to convince us of it. 12. Cincinnati Bengals (No. 12; 4-2-1): Andy Dalton finally proves he can win without A.J. Green, thanks to Mohamed Sanu. 13. San Francisco 49ers (No. 13; 4-3): The over/under of owners plotting for a run at Jim Harbaugh is currently 5.5. 14. Buffalo Bills (No. 14; 5-3): Sammy Watkins' premature celebration could end up being a metaphor for his team's 2014 season. 15. Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 18; 5-3): It's a good thing they didn't listen to Snoop Dogg. (That's a sentence that probably has never been inaccurate.) 16. Kansas City Chiefs (No. 16; 4-3): Maybe they should rename the battle of Missouri the Governor's Cupcake. 17. Cleveland Browns (No. 17; 4-3): If they're still hovering around .500 in three weeks, it'll be interesting to see what Josh Gordon can do for the stretch run. 18. New Orleans Saints (No. 20; 3-4): Rob Ryan is suddenly doing a little better than Rex. 19. Miami Dolphins (No. 19; 4-3): The next four games (Chargers, Lions, Bills, Broncos) will go a long way toward shaping the fate of the team and its coach. 20. Carolina Panthers (No. 15; 3-4-1): And yet cheap nhl jerseys they somehow still have a good chance of getting to the playoffs. 21. Houston Texans (No. 22; 4-4): Selfies are "high school." Letterman jackets and post-game attire exposing half of a guy's muscle mass aren't. 21. Chicago Bears (No. 21; 3-5): Giving up 51 points is way more unacceptable than being 3-4. 23. New York Giants (No. 23; 3-4): G.M. Jerry Reese thinks Eli cheap nhl jerseys online Manning needs to be more aggressive. Eli probably felt the same way about Reese back in March. 24. Washington (No. 27; 3-5): See, I told you they could get a first-round pick for Colt McCoy. 25. Minnesota Vikings (No. 29; 3-5): The cheap nhl jerseys canada combined record of the three teams they've beaten is 5-17. 26. St. buy cheap nhl jerseys Louis Rams (No. 24; 2-5): The All-IR team would be dominated by Rams. 27. Atlanta Falcons (No. 25; 2-6): If that "home" game had actually been played at home, that 21-0 lead likely wouldn't have been blown. 28. Tennessee cheap nhl jerseys for sale Titans (No. 28; 2-6): Somewhere, Mike Munchak is cackling. 29. Jacksonville Jaguars (No. 30; 1-7): Somewhere, Mike Mularkey is cackling. 30. New York Jets (No. 26; 1-7): Somewhere, Rich where to buy cheap nhl jerseys Kotite is cackling. 31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 31; 1-6): Somewhere, Greg Schiano is cackling. 32. Oakland cheap wholesale nhl jerseys Raiders (No. 32; 0-7): Somewhere, Dennis Allen, Hue Jackson, Tom Cable, Lane Kiffin, Art Shell, Norv Turner, and Bill Callahan are cheap hockey jerseys cackling.



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